Book Review: The Slight Edge

Realize the big long term payoffs of small changes

Name: The Slight Edge

Author: Jeff Olson
Relative length (accounts for type size, page density, etc): Long

Reviewed by: Jaden

One sentence thought: Wonderful, clearly written (though long) book that lays out a simple yet excellent plan to achieve success


The Best Parts The Worst Parts
Jeff’s teaching here is fantastic – essentially, the small little things we do each day are the most important to our future success or failure The book is fairly long, and though Jeff spends much time talking about The Slight Edge, it felt like it took far too long to really get to the meat of his message
Compared to The Compound Effect, this book is more in-depth, better researched, and presents a fuller picture. If you are comfortable with reading a longer book, this is far more valuable  


Notable story: The story that really stuck out to me and that I still think of regularly is that of a shoe shiner. When in an airport, Jeff got his shoes shined by a lady who he noticed was reading a novel while waiting for a client to arrive. His thought as he sat there was about how different her life would have been if she had spent that time reading self-improvement literature, business books, or biographies as opposed to fiction, romance, or similar “fun” reads. The lesson is simple – if we make small changes, it could pay off in big ways in our future


Standout or memorable take-away: One teaching that Jeff hammers on again and again is that of self-improvement. Building off of the above story, he constantly admonishes the need to read to improve. Jeff encourages everyone to read just 10 pages of an instructional book each day – that’ll average to 12 books each year! Another focus of his on self improvement is something he calls “Slight Edge Goals” – or the small little changes we need to make. Rather than say “I’m going to be perfect!” say “I’m going to stop talking negatively about other people” – then do it, and then set the next small goal.


My personal opinion: I love this book. It’s by far one of my most recommended books, but one that few people read. Part of that is because The Compound Effect teaches a very similar lesson but in a shorter, easier format. That said, The Slight Edge still wins out over The Compound Effect due to its depth, better use of stories, and better overall proposed application of small actions. If you do not have a habit of reading, start with The Compound Effect. But if you’re a reader (even of fiction or other stories!) then start with The Slight Edge. Your future self will thank you


This book is a critical read for… Everyone (though it can be delayed if you read The Compound Effect)
This book would be good for…  
This book can be skipped by…  


If you’re interested in reading The Slight Edge, it can be purchased from the Amazon link below. We hope you have found our review helpful!

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